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Pokedoku Unlimited #149

Choose the correct Pokedoku character to solve this 3×3 grid in 9 guess. Solve the Pokemon sudoku #149!, and play Pokedoku Unlimited in our archive.

How to Play Pokedoku

Poke doku is like Immaculate Grid but with a Pokemon theme. You have to choose the correct character to solve this 3×3 pokemon grid in 9 guesses.

Pokedoku Rules

  • Your goal in this Pokemon sudoku is to fill all nine boxes with the correct Pokemon characters.
  • You have only nine guesses at your disposal, so choose your selections wisely as there’s no room for error.
  • There can be multiple correct answers, for example, if the box falls between the types of Fire and Fighting, you can put Blaziken, Infernape, or whatever Pokemon is both of those types.
  • Once a Pokemon is used, it cannot be used again in the same puzzle, and there’s no changing your answer after submission.

Tips to solve Pokemon Grid Game

  • The first two columns and three rows will always be dedicated to Pokemon types.
  • The third column introduces a special category, which can encompass different regions, legendary Pokemon, and more.
  • When a specific region is a category, you must select a Pokemon that originates from that region.
  • LegendaryMythical, and Ultra Beast Pokemon are grouped under a special column.

Pokedoku Archive